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Welcome April Wortmann and others . . .

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April Wortmann, the new Girls’ Basketball Head Coach at Montpelier High, had her debut in the Lenny Drew Gym against BFA-Fairfax Wednesday night. Welcome April! Not much hoopla about her arrival from the school community or our local paper. The Barre (sometimes) Montpelier Times Argus sports editor, Anna Grearson, has her agenda and Wortmann is low on her list right now. I’m sure that will change when Anna hires a half dozen reporters to cover events she can’t get to with her limited staff of one or two others. There is a lot going on in winter sports in Central Vermont and the TA can’t be everywhere but a new head coach deserves a stronger welcome from the community and the local news. There was a time when we would celebrate new hires and a time when the stands were full of rowdy spectators. This is not one of those times in Montpelier and I believe it has a lot to do with the degree of involved leadership, supportive community (Boosters Clubs, faculty, students), and interested sports writers. We can’t ignore the efforts of our young people. We need to celebrate with them as they learn and strive to succeed.

I wish April a lot of success this season. Coaching is a very enjoyable experience and I hope you and your players have a lot of fun this year as well as continue the winning tradition at MHS. The BFA game showed signs of promise for the young Solon team. Once they were able to get the ball over half court ball movement in their set offense was good. They had some good looks at the basket now they just need to become better shooters. On the defensive end things were shaky. As they learn to anticipate better and get more active in the defensive lane things will improve. It was great to see Jessica Sweeney back in action after missing a year with knee rehab. She seemed a step slow because of the knee brace and it looked like she was not totally confident about the strength of her knee. Once she wears away some of the basketball rust and gains better mobility, I’m sure she’ll be providing some of that Sweeney excitement we saw a couple of years ago. She is the only senior on the team.

As the Solons and Wortmann begin to know each other better and the new system becomes second nature, we should see some good basketball this winter in the Lenny Drew Gym. Now if only the local papers and school community could get invloved.


Written by Roger

December 17, 2011 at 10:59 AM

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