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Winter Sports 2011-2012

Sorry to be away so long but I’ve been building a new house and finally (never really finally) done! My mind has wondered to the process of hiring and informing the public (US) of new hires for coaches for winter sports. I wrote a piece about the firing of Lynn Ribolini last spring for the Times Argus newspaper and have reflected on the process of hiring new boys and girls basketball coaches for this season ever since. Unless you are part of the rumor mill or have a kid playing at MHS you have no idea of who the coaches are or how they were chosen for the job. Transparency is not part of the new direction employed by the new athletic directors at MHS. The outgoing principal has a lot to do with this considering that the new atheltic directors are truly puppies at the job and need direction and help. They are both talented and inexperienced. They will eventually do their jobs well but without knowing the MHS sports culture and expectations they are at an disadvantage and have to HOPE they ae doing what is expectated. Lynn Ribolini had years of success and experience and he didn’t know what was expected of him. Eventually he was fired. Anyway, who are these new coaches and what are their goals for improving the basketball programs at MHS? The first games of the season begin next week and I’m excited to see how MHS players compete. I’m excited to see both Sweeneys return to the court after dealing with knee problems. The new uniform might include a knee brace. Anyway, I’m back and will fill you in on what’s happening on the MHS sports scene as well as other Central Vermont teams that I favor. I hope you’ll respond with your ideas and updates. – LATER!


Written by Roger

December 4, 2011 at 1:16 AM

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