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The Montpelier – U32 boys basketball game Wednesday night was exciting full of twists and turns. U32 dominated the defensive end and controlled rebounding all game long. Neither team can shoot the ball. Basic fundamentals just aren’t there. Actually all of Central Vermont players, girls or boys, lack a pure shooter that can stop and pop a simple 10-12 footer.

Anyway, the MHS vs U32 game changes at the 3 minute mark when Nate Smith hit a three pointer and the refs stopped the game (3+ minutes) because of fan interference (whistle). How would the game have ended if MHS had the opportunity to press U32 immediately after that 3 pt shot! We’ll never know but my hunch is it would have been a more exciting game if it had continued without fan interference! Somehow we need to get fans to better understand the game and participate without interfering with the result! Fans and parents are not the players and need to play their game without effecting the outcome. Inside the lines or Outside the lines. Where is the game really played? Lately it’s been more outside the lines . . .


Written by Roger

February 18, 2010 at 1:21 PM

Posted in Fan Behavior

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